18 May 2013


I must reference cute little drink packets which are added to water bottles at every chocolate tasting party I have, since we offer a product that works kind of like that. I'd only really noticed them before in the aisle by the kool-aid when I shop for drinks for my daughter, but now I know you can click for crystal lite.

They've got tons of flavors, and buying a bottle of water on the go to add your own flavor has got to be cheaper and somewhat healthier than another 20 oz bottle of soda, right? I wonder if they've thought about making them flat packets instead of tubes...I think they'd fit better in men's pockets or wallets that way...

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siteseer said...

I still wonder what's wrong with good old water. Put some ice in it or just warm it up and it's still my favorite beverage. And the cost is totally right lol