20 May 2013

Menu Plan Monday

My menu planning is sort of short-term for now. We've got a side of beef at the meat processing plant now, so once it's in, I'll be able to 'beef' up the menu ;)

MONDAY:  City Chicken with a potato or rice and vegetable.

TUESDAY:  I won't be here...maybe I'll stop and get a rotisserie chicken in the afternoon for their dinner? Or maybe I'll pick up a pound of ground beef and make some spaghetti pie... Dunno.

WEDNESDAY:  Kielbasa and pierogies or mac & cheese

THURSDAY:  Chicken Alfredo (thanks, Velveeta!)

FRIDAY:  Pork chops (hubby, care to schnitzel-ize?)

SATURDAY:  Hopefully we can have some hamburgers on the grill with our awesome new ground beef :)


siteseer said...

can you tell the difference with your awesome ground beef or is it just knowing where it comes from that makes it special?

Becki said...

Actually the awesome ground beef is different. And there is NO fat, so I don't have to drain it after cooking.

Unknown said...

I have always wanted to get a huge portion of quality meat to store. It seems so much healthier and cost effective.