16 May 2013

They Say It's MY Birthday! - Post 1

I'm not exactly sold on the title for these posts yet, but I figured that can't stop me from writing them! Otherwise how will everyone know what to get me?? :P

There's definitely going to be some clothes on this list. I've been sort of drawn to some patterned bottoms lately (maybe because bottoms tend to fit me better than tops?). Anyway, if you look at something like this gorgeous maxi-skirt for me, please consider getting me a solid-color top to match. Because I don't have many tops, and I'd hate to have a new skirt and not be able to wear it because I had no decent shirt to pair it with. Just sayin... Oh, and probably a size Medium. I think. My newest jeans are a 7, which falls exactly between a small and a medium on the sizing chart. Ugh. Just cruel, you know?

1 comment:

siteseer said...

cute... I saw one at the Powwow this weekend that was cute. it had stripes that went across and diagonal in tan and black. no hard to find top then. very cute.