17 May 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Busy day! I forgot I said I'd ride along on hubby's road trip to a junk yard a couple hours away. But it was fun. And I'll make the calls I meant to make today on Monday.
  2. Good thing this is supposed to be random...I keep getting distracted by Facebook and forgetting I'm trying to post at all!
  3. Taco salad for dinner tonight - yummo!
  4. I should totally be stamping order forms right now, but that works best at the big table downstairs, and the boy gets fussier when he can see me. So I'm hiding out and posting instead.
  5. Candy Crush continues to drive me nuts. Now it's level 109... Someone posted a secret to unlimited lives, but I very carefully didn't read it. The limited lives keep me engaged with real life. Which is necessary.
  6. What other things should I ask for as gifts for my birthday?
  7. It looks like Maggie will be getting her Monster High comforter to match her new Monster High sheets. Happy girl, happy girl. And happy mommy that we...um...share interests ;) Go zombies!
  8. I would love to add three more team members to my Dove business this month. The kit is on sale (which very seldom happens!) for just $85 including shipping! You don't have to live near me to join my team - just be anywhere in the 48 contiguous states. We can totally train via email, phone calls and internet.
  9. I think I left my pain pills in the car. Gotta go get those.
  10. I completely have let us all enjoy a cupcake before dinner, but now there's still three more left of our half dozen. I want more!!

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siteseer said...

Did I tell you I unloaded Candy Crush? I made it to level 135 I think and it just seemed impossible and I thought "this is not fun anymore" so I dropped them on my phone and on the computer. I still have it on my clone account, but fortunately it never works on there lol