26 May 2013

Raceday...Again :)

Hope you're enjoying your holiday weekend! Ours is pretty relaxed. Well, that goes for me and the kids, anyway. Hubby is slaving away in the garage getting ready for the next raceday. I've gone out there to try and chat when I'm missing adult contact, but sometimes he starts getting glassy eyed and mumbling about ball bearings, a 9/16 wrench, and a stainless steel shim. I just back away slowly...

I remind myself that he's doing this because he enjoys it, and we shouldn't feel too bad that he spends so much time in the garage prepping. I don't think it comes as a surprise to him by this, the fourth or fifth race, right?

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siteseer said...

he's just mumbling... that's not a bad thing lol When the swearing and throwing starts run