24 May 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. What happened to last week's beautiful weather??  :(
  2. I do have to admit it makes me a little bit happy to be able to wear my favorite hoodies again...
  3. I'm trying to convince Jack to take a little bit later nap today. Maggie will be so surprised when we come up to watch her field day! It may take a couple suckers, but I'd really like to have a happy, excited-to-see-his-sister little boy with me...
  4. So happy to be getting our much anticipated beef today!
  5. Debating whether to stop and get stuff for s'mores. I just don't think it will be warm enough for a fire outside during our scheduled play date tonight. And it's definitely cold dragging the boy in and out of the car to pick up just a couple things.
  6. Wow - it's just now occurring to me how much random stuff I have to comment on, that would make no sense since I haven't posted about most of the stuff I've done this week yet... Slacker? Apparently that's me!
  7. The planning is just kicking off on Maggie's birthday party to have her friends over. I've decided to do it during a weekday this time. Lots of her friend's moms are SAHM anyway, and the ones who aren't, I've touched base and said they can leave them here a bit longer if they need to, as long as they can drop them off at lunch time...
  8. I'm really hoping the doctor's office calls back about my prescription refill today. If not, I don't know if I have enough to last the weekend :(
  9. I'm so excited to have Maggie home every day! We'll have so much fun <3  Only 14 more days of school after today!
  10. Well, I think I've got time to shovel some hummus into Jack before we leave for field day. Catch you later!

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siteseer said...

sounds like you are busy!! I'll see you Monday at the parade ;)