18 May 2013

Feeling Motivated?

Honestly, I never expect to feel really 'motivated' on the weekend. I'm usually just too busy! I need to keep doing the specific stuff that needs to get done - I don't need to be inspired to add more to the already nearly impossible list!

Matt Booth may be able to add more in. He seems to be walking about a bit more 'adult-oriented' weekend, though. Today, we've got a birthday party for a five-year-old, followed by a (sort of) date night - hubby's coming with me to a quartermania fundraiser I'm doing with my Dove business. Have you been to an event like this? Should be fun to actually try and win some things instead of just slaving away tonight ;)

Tomorrow I've got a chocolate tasting party about an hour from home, but I need to fit in a delivery of the flowers Maggie sold for her baton fundraiser too. I don't think there's any exceptionally convenient way to do it; I just need to dive in and get it all done!

1 comment:

siteseer said...

love the new plants ... now I just have to get them planted and deliver some to Tammy :) Thanks for fitting it in