18 April 2013

Want a Giveaway??

Hey! I've been jotting down a few ideas for upcoming posts, as I'll have a bit more time to write after finishing up my test-scoring gig a little early.

Famous people stories (real ones!) - coming right up!

A scientific-y sounding theory I'm amazed no one has thought of - on its way!

How about a family-event ticket giveaway - why, sure!

I'm also determined to work more on my Yelp challenge for the year - 100 reviews! Are you a Yelper? Come be my friend! Want some fun freebies? Be active on the site and nominate yourself to be an Elite member next year. Yelp Elite events are always a great time.

What's your best way to score fun/free/little known good stuff? Do share!

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