16 April 2013

Looking Up?

Is the real estate market starting to look up where you are? The two houses in our neighborhood that were for sale are both now occupied by new people, and a friend is actively checking out the jacksonville nc mls to find somewhere that isn't on any slate deposits (I may be saying all that last part wrong, but she wants to move somewhere less likely to be subject to oil drilling like her current neighborhood).

I suppose in addition to the economy and market maybe improving a bit, it's also coming up on moving season. Who knows which of Maggie's classmates will have moved on by next fall? I never realized before that more people move during summer. When we moved and I was still in school, we moved over Christmas break. I don't recommend it, as it was not a positive experience for me. So I'm all for a peak in the real estate season now and into the summer. For the kids' sake ;)

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siteseer said...

you were very traumatized, but unfortunately, we don't always have a choice. Sorry!! will you every forgive us lol?