23 March 2013

The Grease is Flying!

You might think the purpose of car covers and the like is to protect your equipment outside from the elements. Around our garage, something like that would be strongly recommended in the garage as well!

See, hubby's still working on building a racecar for a mid-April race. So anything else out there could get caught in the crossfire. The biggest casualty so far has been our old umbrella stroller, which somehow got grease on it, that then was all over my hands at the mall, and eventually ended up on my purse strap (which made me not-so-closely look at my clothes, because ignorance is sometimes truly bliss).

And even thinking of covering things outside makes me think of hubby's old Chevy Impala, which spent too much time under a cover out in the yard. Too much time both because it was a beautiful car, and because by the time we uncovered it, the engine bay was getting full of walnuts, and chipmunks had eaten much of the wiring! They were apparently grateful that the cover kept their work under wraps until too late!

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