22 March 2013

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I'm sitting here with a few chocolate orders in front of me, wondering if the people who said they were ordering from the website 'soon' will do it today. I'd hate to submit what I've got and then the other folks will have to pay higher shipping since it won't be with a party, but I do have to submit these soon...
  2. I posted on Facebook that I'm considering having a Tupperware party, but the only people who chimed in to say 'maybe' they'd come are an hour away. I'm in the mood to party - what to do...what to do...
  3. Ugh. Just checked the weather hoping it will warm up. It warms to the 40s next week, but there's still a chance of snow on Easter weekend :( Who do I file my complaint with??
  4. Today I'm sort of voluntarily stranded. I forgot to deposit some checks at the credit union (which worked out okay, because hubby got another one last night). So I need to go out, but first I need to sign for either a racecar seat or a giant pink tent from FedEx. And hubby is antsy waiting to find out which one it is...
  5. Tomorrow we get to go see the Easter Bunny at the mall :) I really hope Maggie asks for the locking diary she saw at the book fair. I went there yesterday and bought one for her basket, but I didn't mean for her to know I was there at all. She saw me, so I told her I tried to get one but I couldn't find it. I'm sneaky like that.
  6. I've been getting lucky on the mom to mom boards lately. There's stuff I've been meaning to list (like the cloth diapers I got for Jack, but never used, and Maggie's old baby stuff that's obviously for a girl), but haven't gotten around to it. My luck comes into play because lately people have been posting that they're searching for exactly the stuff I want to get out of my house! Hopefully the transactions go through.
  7. Just got a call from someone who picked up my card at an event last weekend. Unfortunately she was calling me to try and sell to me instead of buy :). Kudos to her for making her calls, but it isn't going to get me to buy a product I'm not interested in. Even if you start out by flattering me. ;)
  8. My current mantra is: "I attract sales, high-dollar parties and successful recruits every day."
  9. I had a stuffy head, almost a cold, for close to a week. Now I'm back to just the icky throat that started it all out. After a couple days with that, I should be home free, right?
  10. It seems really weird not to have a weekend booked up with stuff. Everything I have is just something to try and get to, not 'real' commitments. After the Easter Bunny visit tomorrow, we're going to an egg hunt at Maggie's friend's church. And I think Sunday we've got nothing. Maybe Maggie and I will try and make it to church, and I bet daddy will work in the garage ;)

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