12 February 2013

You Never Know..

You totally never know what you'll find on auction sites. Whenever I'm looking for something or (better yet) realize I have an 'extra' of something, I head over to an online auction site to see if there's a demand. I can't really say that's why I'm checking anymore, as there seems to be a demand for EVERYTHING! You can find name brand food, coupons, cigar auction online, toiletries like razors, discontinued cosmetics...pretty much anything you ever could buy? You still can.

My most embarrassing auction site story involves a craving (for lack of a better word) for the alarm clock I grew up with. It was Big Bird sitting on a brick wall. When the alarm time came, he said in his distinctive Big Bird voice, "Wake up! It's me, Big Bird and it's time to get up. Open your little eyes now - one foot out of bed, now the other one! Okay, have a nice day, and don't forget to wind the clock." And of course it kept repeating it til you got up and turned the darn thing off. Anyway, the embarrassing part is that I got totally sucked into an auction and paid around $150 for this particular clock. I can guarantee you that my parents did not pay more than $20 for it brand new, but by the time I HAD to have it, it was no longer available in stores...

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siteseer said...

it's happens to all of us.... hopefully only once lol