28 February 2013

Any Day Now...

I am SO ready for spring you just can't believe it. I'm even optimistic when I see puddles that come halfway to Jack's knees, because I pretend they mean the snow is melting (don't tell me it has anything to do with all the rain we got...). Spring has to be just around the corner!

And with spring will come the garage sales and yard sales. I keep thinking one of these years I'll do one. Rumor has it our whole subdivision used to, but last year they tried to throw one together with like a week's notice, and I don't do anything in that time frame. I see my friends patiently price all the stuff they've stored in an organize manner, find cheap yard sign printing and slap those signs up all over town.

Then they show up at the next mom meeting with a new outfit or something! That's the moment that I think, "Hey, maybe I should try having a garage sale." Honestly? I don't think it will happen. But I sure wouldn't mind a new outfit from time to time ;)

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