13 January 2013


Someday, I'm going to need more purpose. Right now, it's my kids. Everything I do is to keep them healthy and happy. So far it seems to be going well. ;)

Someday, I will flounder. I can't imagine what my focus will be without my kids so close around me all the time. I'd love to do something with my business (which I truly enjoy) to improve other peoples' lives. Like triangle direct media does fundraising?

With more free time, maybe I could direct more of my energies to people I don't even have to know. People who really need a hand, and I'll be able to lend it.


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siteseer said...

I find it amazing that as your kids get older and need you a little less something finds a way into that time. The goal is to be careful and fill it with you want because otherwise others will fill it thinking you 'need' something to do. I have so many plans right now and am thinking about being on the computer less and watching less tv to have time to do all things that I really want to do.