04 January 2013

Looking Forward - 2013

A continuation from yesterday...

Question #4: What was your favorite "family moment" from 2012?
I tried, again, to come up with just one (or even a couple!), but I think the biggest problem I had was that we're so close. I'm with these fabulous children all. the. time.
I truly enjoy the times we have nothing planned, but we're all available, so we go do something fun and spontaneous together. We usually all contribute to the idea (well, hubby and Maggie and I do...) and frequently end up with what Maggie calls, "the best day ever."
Another fresh memory that was lots of wonderful family time was our weekend with our friends the Welshes staying with us. There aren't a lot of families that you totally click with. For us, it's them! Wish they lived closer. It was an absolute joy hanging out for all of us.

Question #5: Who or what did you take for granted in 2012?
I honestly try to appreciate what/who I have in my corner and focus on gratitude. One thing that makes my life easier that I don't often acknowledge is my health. I've got my own issues, but I know I'm doing a lot better than a lot of people.
But you can never be too gracious! Some of the things/peeps I'm thankful for include hubby (of course - my rock!), having well-behaved and healthy children, our house, my close and supportive family and extended family, and my friends.

Question #6: Where could you have invested a bit more energy? ("energy" is time, money, emotions, attention)
Everywhere! LOL. Having a baby again has taken up all types of energy so much that most of the other areas of my life have gotten less than optimal. The two areas that have gotten the least (while more was given - deservingly - to baby Jack) are my health and my business.

Thanks, LoseYourExcuseNow.com for making me think it all through :)

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siteseer said...

wow these questions can really make you think. Cheryl Richardson, life coach, says to review where you spent your energies and this is what is important to you. Being a human being I fall into the same catagory as many people and the lack of doing something is just easier. If you say family and health are the most important then you should make an appointment with yourself EVERY day for a workout to reinforce the health focus. Again, being human it's just easier to think about it lol. Going into retirement I plan on making and sticking to certain plans while being spontaneous enough to enjoy a full life.