07 January 2013

Happy First Monday!

For as long as I can remember, I've made it a point not to 'hate' Mondays. I know a lot of people like to moan and groan about them, but even when I worked outside the home, I've appreciated the fact that a seventh of my life will be spend in Mondays. So I loved seeing this post on a friend's Facebook feed this morning.

Happy very first Monday of 2013! I'm still eagerly awaiting the delivery of my new planner from erincondren.com. I've even been straightening stuff up in my office, and making sure my Google calendar is already up to date, so when I have my fun paper planner I'll be ready to grab my awesome Sharpie markers and organize my life to a brand new level ;)

What are you going to do to go out and make Monday fresh and fun for you and those you'll share it with?

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siteseer said...

I'm currently counting down how many more Mondays I'll have to share with the office :) Just 11 more and I think one of those I don't work lol So make that 10 more, but if you don't work Monday is Tuesday then your Monday? Just asking