04 December 2012

The Fourth Day of Christmas

My mind keeps running to clothes today, but that's so hard to have someone else buy for me! And I hate to ask for gift certificates.

I need dress pants (I'm thinking corduroy pants would be fine for winter shows), jeans (but I want good ones, instead of all my stretched out cheap ones), and some t-shirts that haven't got tiny holes in them from the washer/dryer. The shirts are the easiest, I suppose, but they feel like a lousy investment since I'll be able to get some stuff I really like once I'm done breastfeeding (which could be any time, or could be another year from now).

I definitely need some more trouser socks :) But not a lot, since I generally don't work more than two days a week, if that. How's that for low-maintenance, mom?


Dawn said...

I know exactly what you mean. I really need clothes, but am a bit picky on how they look, fit and feel. I really do not know what I want for Christmas, which does not help my family out! :)

I think as a mom we cannot exactly pinpoint what we really want because we spend our time making sure our children are taken care of and get what they need.

siteseer said...

Hope you get a few shirts and slacks for Christmas ;)