05 December 2012

The Fifth Day of Christmas

I found a fun one for today! I'd love to have nice looking nails again. Since they've come up with at-home gel nail kits, I'm hoping I can sneak enough time to do them at home, since I can't really bring the baby into a nail place every couple of weeks.

I would love more opinions, but in my few minutes of searching, the OPI gelshine kit from Sephora had decent reviews (although it isn't cheap at $159). Some other kits didn't include the light, which you need with the gel set.

After poking around the site for a few minutes, I can see where they say you get a bottle of the colored gel free (which is essentially the part of the polish that shows ;) ), but I couldn't find the polish color selections. If you're so inclined to get me this high-ticket item (or something similar), I like dark colors.

Anyone have experience with any at-home gel polish sets that can chime in? Thanks!

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siteseer said...

yikes,,, that is a bit pricy.