01 December 2012

The First Day of Christmas

So much for my big plan to get a couple of these posts pre-done...not so far!

One of the first things on my list is really something I need, but by asking for it as a gift, I may get one a little prettier ;)

I tried searching for more, but I really like this file box called File the Pile from Clever Container. You'll learn that I try to do my shopping (or at least my list making) from other direct selling companies. Of course I love to support the industry, and hope you do too!

If you're looking to fulfill my wishes but don't want to find a consultant or wait for this to ship, here are the main qualities I'm looking for in file boxes (and ideally, I would like two or three of them). I don't want the big ole paper case size ones. This one is just 7 1/2" from side to side. I also like that this holds hanging files. And I don't want boring old plastic. Give me something pretty to look at, since I plan to keep them on my desk where hopefully it will be easier (and more likely) to file things as needed.


siteseer said...

that is pretty. Good luck on keeping things filed though lol