11 December 2012

The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Well, the original title of this post was 'The Eleventy Day of Christmas.' It's starting to feel like it ;) Maggie had an on-and-off fever all weekend, including missing school yesterday, then at 5 o'clock this morning Jack coughed so hard he threw up. On me, and the bed we share with daddy. Yeah. Relocate everyone to the living room. Where the biggest guy called the couch, and I didn't sleep very well on the floor. So maybe I'm a bit tired ;) But he's cute (aw, heck - they both are) so I'm not too cranky.

But today's wish list items will be the easiest ever. Just check out my Amazon Wish List! I've got a bit of fiction, quite a few direct selling books that I'm sure I'd find inspirational, and even a couple books to hopefully fire up my creativity.

Do you have recommendations of stuff I should read? Speak up!

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