12 December 2012

Secret Santa is ON!

So secret santa with hubby's family is back on. I got an email yesterday morning saying santa had picked names, and telling me who I had. Since I didn't know we were doing anything this year, I promptly responded that they had the wrong address :) I since apologized for the confusion, but haven't heard anything back. I'm sure santa's pretty busy this time of year.

I bet my santa is going to be by this page, as I gave the link to all of my 12 Days of Christmas posts as my gift list. How easy was that? Sometimes I talk about stuff that I don't necessarily want, or stuff that hubby or someone else might want (nut driver, anyone?), but the 12 Days of Christmas posts are the stuff I want.

I'm actually still trolling the computer looking for a few items that I think would be perfect for hubby, but I can't even mention them here since he's been reading lately. Hmmm.... I would list things I'm not getting him, to throw him off the trail, but what if I list something he decides he would LOVE and it's something I didn't get? Sounds risky...

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