15 November 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Since I obviously can't find the great ideas that are in my head in the shower, or when I'm driving...I'll try to list 13 ideas for blog posts here:
  1. I hate cabbage.
  2. Those funny, hard to say story things (that I can't even think of the name) - what they are, how I heard about them, and why I want to learn one. Someday.
  3. My own reviews of some of my favorite Dove Chocolate Discoveries' products.
  4. The importance of home parties in a home party plan business.
  5. The many, many uses of Dove's Martini Mix.
  6. My memories of the circus. I keep meaning to write this one....
  7. Top qualities of my husband. I talk about how fabulous my children are all the time.
  8. My favorite quality of myself.
  9. What I'd most like to change - physically - about myself.
  10. My 12 days of Christmas wish list (I think this will be my third or fourth year with these posts :) ).
  11. What I'd do with a million dollars (hey, dreams are good).
  12. What we should do as a family the day after Thanksgiving (have to write this one pretty soon...).
  13. When will hubby get his Subaru fixed (or other options) (hey, this was his suggestion, not mine..)