17 November 2012

Sexy Saturday

So it's haircut time for me again. I've been testing myself, and made the effort to blow out my hair all week. In light of this, I've decided I earned my haircut :)

When I got it cut last time, I did a chin length bob. This was a little longer than my wishes, but I was being careful not to offend hubby's sensibilities. He really likes for me to have long hair. When I mentioned to him that I wanted it cut shorter, he actually agreed this time. So I'm going this week for an A-Line Bob (at least that's what the site from Pinterest called it....).

Having a hair cut I like, and feeling like I look attractive, is a huge boost to the sexiness factor, of course. I think that's why I've felt at total cross-purposes with my hair for so long. I like the look and feel of a shorter style, and I feel confident and sexy when I like my haircut. But hubby says he finds longer hair more attractive. Talk about ripping me up - he's the one I most want to find my look sexy, of course.

So we're doing our usual dance. I'm getting it cut, and I know it looks good. But over time it will grow, I'll be too busy to have it cut, and he'll comment on how nice it looks long. While he finds it attractive longer, it makes me feel frumpy. Lather, rinse, repeat.

What are your thoughts on hair? The long mommy-tail certainly has its benefits, but I don't think the sexiness on me is usually one of them. My short hair is less versatile, but that also makes it less hassle for me...


Kari said...

Go shorter! If you feel sexier, then you'll act sexier....and he should appreciate that :)

Wendy said...

My husband too likes long hair and it's one of those things that I choose to do just because it's one easy thing that makes him soooo happy. If I had my druthers I'd have short hair too. Right now it's always in a braid because I can't have it loose and wear a headset at work. It always amazes what he finds sexy vs. what I find sexy. :)

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Post a pic!