27 November 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's Tuesday again! Life is finally starting to settle into normalcy again. I've actually been puttering around and straightening office stuff this morning. I found another letter sorter thingy in the closet, so I'm trying to pull the usable flyers out of the piles of mailing stuff on my desk. I usually grab a chunk of each thing I need and go work where the boy-child can see me, but then when I go to put it all away it just lands in piles on the desk. Ugh. I used to have a great big office mail sorter thingy, but it was made of cardboard and didn't survive the move :(

If my motivation sticks around enough (I don't have high hopes), I'd love to clear off Maggie's dresser. I offered to put Halloween decorations there a while ago if she'd clean it, and now I did the same with Christmas, but she's not biting. I know it's intimidating, or I would already have it done, so I can't blame her ;) The latest plan is to get it cleared so we can keep the hermit crab in his/her aquarium up there. And that would be fun to get this weekend...

Of course I'm chatty today. Here's my real to-do list:
  • Head to Kinko's for color copies of December specials
  • Put together invite postcards for one December hostess
  • Mail December show stuff to December hosts/hostesses
  • Take that stuff to the post office
  • Return stuff to the library and pick out new books for mommy
  • Get some new jeans for Maggie
Ideally, this should be a two-part list. Go get the copies I need, then come home and assemble all that stuff to take to the post office. And the sooner I hit the mall for jeans, the better. Living near an outlet mall is a blessing and a curse...

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VandyJ said...

My motivation comes and goes. And never seems to mesh with my hubby's motivation to get stuff done.