28 November 2012

Five HUNDRED Million

Well, I know I've still got two dollars in my wallet tomorrow. Because I didn't spend my last two cash dollars on a lottery ticket tonight. I know, I know, that ensured I wouldn't win. I just wanted to make your chances a little better ;)

Besides, I can dream without an actual ticket in hand....What would I do with some portion of $500,000,000 (is that even spelled right?)?
  • Pay off our rental house, and sell it to the current tenants for the appraised value.
  • Help hubby 'get rid' of the car and boat that don't run right, but he says no one will buy while they're busted. 
  • Put a bathroom in our basement (it's half-way done already).
  • Repay all owed money (student loans, mortgage...).
  • Get hubby a fun daily driver car. 
  • Buy myself some new clothes - the expensive kind that fit well ;)
  • Get my teeth re-done.
  • Get some bedroom furniture for Jack (poor boy has no dresser still!).
  • Move the current living room furniture to the basement, and let hubby pick out a sectional like he wants for the living room.
  • Find a dining room set and a kitchen set that I love.
  • Have stairs built up to the attic above the garage, like our neighbors have.
  • Design our dream deck/patio and have it put on the back of our house (and the old one removed/destroyed).
  • Have the kids' play structure refinished.
  • Get Maggie an awesome hermit crab set-up :)
  • Start getting my fingernails done regularly again.
  • And my toenails too :D

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