14 October 2012

A Happy Place :)

The kids and I checked out a new church today and really liked it :) Yay! We had a church we liked near our old house, but that's nearly an hour away, and it's such a hassle trying to pack the baby up. Not to mention, I wasn't entirely comfortable leaving a little baby in a nursery I had no experience with. So I'd be left holding the baby instead of enjoying the service.

Today we went to Birmingham Unitarian Church. It's only about 20 minutes or so from our house, and was easy to find. Once we arrived, the greeter was very helpful about getting Maggie on her way to Religious Education (the biggest reason Maggie missed church was Sunday School, of course), and then walked me and Jack to the nursery where a kind mom and her pre-teen daughter were just waiting for a highly active kid like Jack to play with. Then I was comfortable heading to the service.

The greeter mentioned earlier (giving me a heads-up) that it was stewardship Sunday. For the uninitiated, this is the day they start their pledge drive an try to talk everyone into upping their donations for the good of the church. I get it, it's a business. That being said, I'll have to wait til another day to fairly evaluate the sermon. ;)

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