15 September 2012

Sexy Saturday

In a little more than one month, we'll be celebrating Sweetest Day once again. I'm guessing the third Saturday in October is reserved for Sweetest Day, as this year it falls on October 20. I already know what I'll be doing - going on a local 'Spooktacular Stroll' with all three of my sweeties :) If the stroll through the woods tires the younger two out, maybe there will be time and opportunity for something a little more risque, but we'll have to wait and see.

Are you looking for gift ideas? You can find things ranging from books (fiction or non-fiction: use your imagination), to make-up/fragrances/candles, to toys for use behind closed doors. ;) If the adult sweetie on your list already has all those, they probably need somewhere to stash it! I was just tickled to see the adorable toy storage box until I realized that something so cute would not deter my daughter's curiosity at all!

I think I'd have to have an already immaculate and attractively organized closet to make that fit in ;) Even better plan? I could organize more than just toys by using several of these boxes! The inside is lined with hot-pink satin. What a great way to store scarves, special keepsakes, or holiday accessories that are otherwise collecting dust somewhere?

Has your sweetie been exceptionally deserving of their own day lately? How about filling the box before you even present it to them? Have it safely tucked away and simply present them with the key.

Wow - I'm full of sexy ideas tonight. Don't let my efforts be in vain. Go order the accessories to make your sweetest day fabulous now so they'll arrive in plenty of time for your preparations and a fantastically sexy night on October 20.

Oops! You may have already clicked through and gotten one for yourself, but this box (as indicated by the watermark on the picture) is available through EdenFantasys.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

I'm receiving a gift card from edenfantasys for my objective post. Yay for honest disclosure :).

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