14 September 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I'm so flipping tired right now, I'm afraid I may take random to a whole new level.
  2. And I still have to bake a batch of cookies before I go to bed. 
  3. The baby had BETTER sleep tonight. In the bed. Peacefully.
  4. I need to mail a catalog to Nichole. I was ready to do it the other day, but I ran out of catalogs the day before they were due to be delivered.
  5. I really hope hubby is feeling cooperative tomorrow. I need to have both kids clean, dressed, ready-for-pictures and out the door by 8:30am.
  6. I also hope tomorrow afternoon's chocolate party is pretty successful, with bookings and a recruit (hey, once I started on my wish list, I figured I should make it complete). And I hope a lot of people pay with credit cards so I can submit their orders right away and get paid next week. :)
  7. I've kind of stalled out on straightening the office. And will probably stay this way til at least October. After this busy weekend, next weekend is twice as busy. Ugh.
  8. I'd like to start utilizing the bag I got at conference in July. It's a cool bag.
  9. Comcast brought us a cable box today that isn't HD ready. Morons.
  10. Whew. Made it to 10 :)

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