05 July 2012

Thursday Thirteen

I've always been a fan of lists, and the Thursday Thirteen, so I suppose I've sort of decided to bring it back on my own. Even if I'm the only one ;)

Today's Thursday Thirteen is thirteen things I've accomplished recently. Just my own little 'done' list instead of 'to-do,' if you will.

  1. Sent invites for Maggie's 'friend' birthday party.
  2. Sent invites for Maggie's 'family' birthday party.
  3. Wrote (half by hand!) and mailed postcard invites for all four of my chocolate parties next weekend, plus the one scheduled for the weekend after that.
  4. Finally made some hostess/booking calls and team member check-in calls!
  5. Booked my flight for Dove's National Conference!
  6. Helped clear a road blocked by a downed tree (after a storm on Tuesday).
  7. Got the beach towel that was used to wrap all of my necklaces during the move (yes, last May) off of my dresser and back into use as, well, a beach towel!
  8. Remembered to buy stain remover, and (I think!) removed the paint stains from Maggie's white shirt.
  9. Sewed the button back on one of my previously favorite pairs of shorts.
  10. Hubby and I cleaned the master bath.
  11. I helped Maggie sort through her stuffed animals, and put half of them in a storage bag in the basement.
  12. I made substantial progress on straightening my office.
  13. I started exercising a bit more often again!

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siteseer said...

that's a lot of checking off...