05 July 2012

New Logistical Issues ;)

I remember looking for a tv stand with mount for our old living room. Luckily, in the new house, the family room is big enough we can use the same entertainment center to hold our tv that we always have, but now we've got a new concern...our toddler ;)

The family room is the safest room for him to play in, so we've got a gate between it and the kitchen. To protect him from the fireplace and keep him from adjusting everything on the tv electronics, we've got play gates around each of those. The problem we didn't expect to run into? The remote controls don't like trying to get their message through the plastic 'fence.' Really?? We're legitimately watching less tv during the day because once I sit down to nurse the baby, the chair I'm in is too far from the tv (at least with the fence up) for the remote to work. Go figure. I never expected such resistance from a plastic fence with holes in it...

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siteseer said...

maybe the wall mount is still a good idea.