03 July 2012

Planning Ahead

I've been waiting for a couple weeks to start setting up my August calendar for work and fun stuff with the family. I'm waiting just because I got a request for my address from a family member a couple weeks ago. I have a cousin who lives in another state now, who's coming 'home' for a baby shower (but I somehow can't remember the date - sorry, mom!)

How is it that baby showers seem to fall in the summer, along with all of the graduation parties (obviously), bridal showers, and weddings? You'd think babies are born more or less year round. And while I'm sure people avoid times like between thanksgiving and new years to actually schedule a shower, there are still a lot of fall and spring dates available. Yet I can remember more summer baby showers than anything else...hmmm...

Is it just my imagination?

1 comment:

siteseer said...

what's the plan for said shower? I think just you and I are the only ones from out this way.