03 June 2012

Missing the Season Premier :(

Tonight is the season premier for Drop Dead Diva. If you've been around a while, this was the show I watched for a while via Netflix. I never actually watched it while it was being televised, and now I can't because we have nothing but basic channels (which is mostly okay, as I'd never be able to keep to a schedule for a tv show anyway). I know most people would ask why I don't DVR it, but that's another modern technology I'm lacking.

I'm only a little bit jealous, like when people talk about their wii motionplus and I don't have anything close. I keep meaning to put together a birthday list of stuff I'd like to receive in a couple weeks, but I really don't think Wii or DVR would even make it. I know they'd make my life easier, but I'm used to making due without them...

In the meantime, please don't spoil the new season of Drop Dead Diva before I figure out how I'll see it, okay?

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