03 June 2012

Birthday Wish List

In just ten days, I'll be entering a whole new decade. Yup. I'm turning 40. My chocolate party hostess today is turning 40 at the end of July, and I heard her warning her friends of a whole lot of invitations coming up. She's trying to do something special each day for 40 days in celebration of turning 40. There's no way I can squeeze that in with the short people in tow, but I figured I can at least dream a little of things I'd like to receive for my 40th birthday...
  1. Adobe. I'd love to be able to edit PDFs on my own. Putting my information on my chocolate sales flyers before distributing them to the four winds certainly couldn't hurt.
  2. Diamond earrings. Yes, this is always on my list. I need a relatively small set this time - a bit smaller than the pair I have now. I'll move the bigger ones down to my second hole, and put the new ones in my third holes....
  3. My jewelry/necklace shelves installed. When we moved in a little over a year ago, we decided to repurpose the decorative shelves that used to hang over our bed. I bought cup hooks to screw into the front of them so I could hang the shelves around my dresser mirror, and be able to display/store my necklaces on them. It hasn't happened yet. I'm sort of nervous to put the cup hooks in, but I'm sure I'd be happy with the results and thrilled to have it done if someone would just take care of it.
  4. More Aqua Eyes eyeliner. I think they're only like $14 each, but I'd have to either order them online or get to a Sephora. Both my dark brown and my dark gray are almost gone..
  5. A hair cut. I'll probably get this one for myself before my party anyway. Hubby wants me to grow my hair long, but the front is getting heavy and out of control. I don't know much about that sort of girly stuff, but I have a recommendation for someone I'll go see as soon as I can fit it in my schedule (hopefully before the party!).
  6. Clothes. I need some kinda nice capris that I can wear to summer chocolate shows, as well as some board shorts or walking shorts (whatever it is with a little more length to them) so I don't feel like a hootchie running around town in the short shorts that are all I have from a couple years ago. Ugh.
I reserve the right to start more posts later as I think of more fabulous gifts for myself ;)

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siteseer said...

:) looking forward to more on the list. Looks like you got a few of your items. Don't think the earrings are quite right, but glad you got diamond earrings and your hair cut.