22 April 2012

To-Do! Week of April 23 - 29, 2012

I apologize in advance; this will be pretty random, but it's just mostly stuff I want to get done before my awesome trip at the beginning of May!
  1. Schedule pedicure for April 30 or May 1
  2. Start tanning for base!!
  3. Try on summer clothes from two years ago (ya know, before I was pregnant last summer!) to see what fits and what I need to get.
  4. Go shopping based on #3.
  5. Get my silly eyebrows shaped again (probably April 30 or May 1)
  6. Go to Painting with a Twist on April 26!
  7. Do the local library fundraiser (as a Dove Chocolate chocolatier on April 27.
  8. Do Jessica's chocolate party on April 29.
  9. Prepare to submit last Friday's fundraiser, any orders from the library, and Jessica's party by April 30.
  10. Update personal newsletter 'blurb' before April 30.
  11. Work test-scoring job three hours per night most nights (sorry, I'm not looking up to see what I actually committed to right now...)
  12. Register for Dove Chocolate Discoveries' National Conference by April 30 (to take advantage of early bird discount!)

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