06 March 2012


Pinterest was making me a bit hungry earlier, but as I sat down now to post about it and maybe share some of the yumminess, I'm getting nothing but a bunch of 502 errors. And those aren't so yummy :(

I think the post earlier may just primed the pump on my randomness. I felt like I had a lot to say a little bit ago, but then the baby started crying downstairs, and apparently the cat was unable to calm him down. So now he's on my lap, making noises with his butt. Which means I should probably go change his diaper soon.This has caused this post to degenerate from random to TMI :(

I'm excited to be hosting my first Origami Owl party in a couple weeks. Okay, well, I would be excited, but I don't have anything from the consultant so far. Since she's already changed the date on me a few times, I don't want to actually invite people until I have something from her in writing telling when she has the show scheduled for. Huh. I wish there were more consultants in my area. I would like to see the stuff, but a consultant I know of in OH told me she didn't think there was anyone in MI, so once I found this chick I jumped at the chance to book, but now she doesn't seem to care either. Huh.
The product is these locket necklace thingies. You pick the locket, along with some charms that go inside it, and a plate of sorts that can have whatever word you want showcased in the locket with the charms. Hard to describe, but I think it looks cool.

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