05 March 2012

Weekend in Review

What a busy weekend!

Friday night I don't think we did anything. Oh! I remember now - Maggie and I were going to go to a direct sales show at a neighbor's house, but the consultant was sick and canceled. So we just went out to Pei Wei for dinner. After dinner, I put Maggie to bed and hubby took baby Jack out to the bar (yes, really), so I could work on compiling my tax info for our appointment on Sunday. The baby chilled pretty well for over an hour, so I got the bulk of the tediousness done. And then the charming boy dozed in the recliner after nursing, so I was able to do what I absolutely had to.

Saturday was busy, busy! I had a chocolate party that started at 2PM about an hour away. That means I spent the morning getting stuff together for it (and the next party), and then hustled my butt out the door a little after noon. Their road was terrible! I was afraid the gooey mud was going to suck my car right into the ditch! The party is going to close out on Monday, but another party is booked by one of the guests for the end of March, and one of her friends is thinking about becoming a chocolatier - yay!

After my 2PM party, I hurried home to freshen up my supplies and head to a 7PM party an hour in the other direction. Unfortunately there were a lot of guest cancellations for that one, and while Maggie had been hoping to play with the hostess's daughter, the hostess's husband was sick and I didn't want to expose baby Jack, so they just played at a nearby mall til I was done.

Sunday started early, as we had a 9:30AM appointment to have our taxes done. It's tradition that we meet my parents at the tax place, then they watch the kids during our appointment (after having their own taxes done). We all head to the coney island down the street for lunch, then come back and pick up our completed returns. We were happy with that, so it set a good tone for the rest of the day.
After our tax appointment, we came back to the house and got the truck so we could go to my SIL's house to get a couch and a couple chairs they were looking to replace. And putting new furniture in our house kind of got the creative decorating juices flowing, so we spent the evening shopping at Kirkland's, Home Goods, Michaels and a little Pier One before going to our favorite pizza place for dinner.

Whew! A fun and busy weekend!

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