05 March 2012

Be Gone!

I can never remember how primary elections work. Like, are different states at different times? I only know ours has been recently because all of the campaign lawn signs around.(But knowing the primary election is over, I'm wondering when the signs might go away again??) Well, I suppose I also knew when I could have voted because of peoples' Facebook updates. What did we do before Facebook? Hahahaha...

I heard a sort of bummer of a story about an organization sending out an email encouraging their members to vote in the primary. The sad part was that it was essentially a mud-slinging email. They were encouraging their members of any political party to vote in the primary to promote the less-likely-to-win candidate from the party they didn't agree with. Wow. That's hard to write out with any degree of clarity. But then they even went so far as to call the party they didn't agree with 'crazy'. Ouch.

I wish I could remember elections not being so commercial and dirty.

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