08 March 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Just for fun...

Thirteen things I want to have/have done before my trip to Punta Cana!

  1. Eyebrow wax
  2. Bikini wax
  3. Pedicure
  4. New swimsuit
  5. Find/unpack my summer wardrobe from pre-pregnancy
  6. Something with my hair...
  7. Freezer full of bagged/pumped milk
  8. In the last few days, all laundry done so hubby has everything he could need ready
  9. Meals planned before I go
  10. Groceries stocked before I go
  11. Four chocolate shows booked for May before I go, so I know I have a business to come back to ;)
  12. Maybe a jump start on my tan?
  13. New summer dress

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