07 March 2012

Gettin my Zumba On

Yay - It's Wednesday.

Wednesday is currently my exercise day. I've been taking a zumba class for about a month now, with a few more weeks still to go. I used to take exercise classes with friends back in my pre-married days, but then I got busy doing stuff with the hubby, and then was pregnant, and chasing a kid, and pregnant again...well, you get the picture! Aerobics classes and using a thera band were things of the past!

Now I'm back. Mostly because I figure if I don't start now, I'll be old and wrecked and it will be too late. For right now it's zumba, but I took a sample pole dancing class a couple weeks ago and LOVED it. I want to keep loving it, so I think I'm going to switch it up and try a pole fitness class this spring once I'm done with zumba. See, in upper level pole dancing classes they actually wear heels. Which I can't do and don't want to be reminded ;) So pole fitness may be the way to go for me!

1 comment:

bella1021 said...

I just started Zumba up again last month ;) we don't have any pole dancing around these parts.. at least i haven't looked ;) good for you!