13 March 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Isn't it great when you go to do something on your to-do list only to discover you already did it...and forgot? Yeah, go me!

Random cuteness: Today on our way to preschool, Maggie was reading a book to Jack in the backseat. She asked me, "Mommy, what is that word?" I explained that I was driving and would look when we stopped. She asked again, saying, "It's right there, in Jack's mirror." and she held the book up so it was touching the mirror that faces into the car seat. Like maybe it had a direct link to my brain? Silly girl.

I am love, love, loving the warmer weather!!

This Thursday is our kindergarten registration. Another mother warned me that the paperwork to bring along is staggering. I know I already printed it out once and put it in a safe place. Oops. Looks like tomorrow I'll be printing it out again :)

I think I'm actually going to skip Zumba tomorrow. Hubby and I have been wanting to go out for dinner, and there's just no time around my 6PM - 7PM class. Since I don't really enjoy it anyway, I'll take the night off :)

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