13 March 2012

Out for a Stroll

On our walk on Saturday, Maggie had me thinking again about a phil and teds promenade or other style of two-kid stroller. We were enjoying our walk through the woods (on a thoroughly cleared trail that was fine for pushing the stroller), but Maggie was getting tired. We didn't quite make it to see the dock on the other side of Lake Sixteen because she was getting tired. She's too big to carry for any distance anymore, so we just cut back a little earlier and bought a few minutes of peace by bribing her with lunch.

We've never been really big stroller people. For the three months we lived in Germany with baby Maggie, we only brought our little $15 umbrella stroller. It was miraculous that it made it so down those cobblestone streets! (And it's still surviving now, although we should probably pass it along, since Jack probably won't appreciate an all pink ride...) Before having Jack, we looked at the sit and stand strollers, but I was afraid they'd be too hard to fold, and we really don't think Maggie would use it much. Days like Saturday make me re-think that, but I suppose unless there are several days in a row, we don't really need anything more.

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