27 February 2012

What a Day!

I feel like it should still be morning! Luckily I caught up with a ton of busy work and errands today, but now I'm left with an empty to-do list more anything I can look at as actually done. Maybe writing it down will lend itself to my sense of accomplishment...

Maggie currently insists on getting up at 8AM. That's okay. I know I've got it a lot better than most families!

We resisted turning on the tv this morning, so I could keep us all moving. After breakfast (which of course is followed promptly by nursing the baby again), I got into the shower so I'd be ready to leave the house. I instructed Maggie to get dressed at the same time (and I'm grateful that she takes direction so well so much of the time!).

By 11AM or so we made it out of the house (don't judge! - this is a busy day for us!). After stopping for gas, and then going by the post office to check the P.O. box and mail a bunch of postcards, we were on the expressway headed for the credit union. It still irks me that there were two credit union branches within 10 miles of the old house, and now I have to drive 20 miles usually at least once a week to make deposits. Today I also needed to get some forms notarized for a new part time job, so that involved actually parking the car and going into the office.

Once we were done at the credit union I tried to go to Qdoba for lunch. But I couldn't find it. We're resilient. We just went to Rio Wraps instead. By this time it was almost 2PM.

After lunch we headed to the mall to find snow boots for lil miss. That took us like four stores, but we got it done. The good news was I also wanted the scent plug in thingies from Bath and Body Works. The nice lady there said if I bring in the ones that don't work anymore, then can just swap them out! Yay - so now that's on the list for another day to go back, but it doesn't cost me money.

So at the crack of 4PM we were off to our last stop for the day - the grocery store. I had a big bag of returnables to take care of, then we picked up the handful of groceries we were after and snack for Maggie to bring to school this week. We even beat daddy home by a half hour or so. Dinner was in the crock pot and ready to go. Gotta love a relatively relaxing evening after a frantic paced day!

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