27 February 2012

Heavy Baby!

I'm always a bit envious when I see the ads for baby carriers where the woman (usually) is effortlessly going about her day with the baby just strapped on for the ride and smiling. I wanted to be that woman, I really did, but my baby is too big to be in those ads already. He'll be turning a whopping five months this week, but we're pretty sure he's already bigger than 20 lbs. I can't strap that kind of weight comfortably anywhere on my body and still get around doing anything without requiring some effort. Just sayin.

Although I still usually carry him on my hip (with one hand at his hips, and the other making sure he doesn't arch his back and flip into oblivion), he way out-weighs the limits of any infant hip carrier. Heck, he was probably too big for those at birth! I don't know if it's just coincidence, but after an exercise class last night, I can feel the workout in my left arm, but not as much in my right (after always supporting the baby's full weight with my right pretty much all day, every day...). I wonder if my hip will gain definition too?

 I would love to find a comfortable baby carrier for a bigger baby. I carried my first daughter in a carrier all around Germany when she was about the same age as my son is now, but there's just no way my poor old body could deal with him in the same getup. I don't know if it's because of the old mama or the big baby, but we're much happier just sitting with each other, which means not as much is getting done around here unless there's a magic baby carrier that could meld us together a little more smoothly ;)

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Wendy said...

http://www.bestbabystore.com/BabyBjorn20545CarrierDenim.aspx Can be used for babies 8 to 33 lbs... course he could out grow that real soon. Course in a few more months he'll be mobile anyway. :)