30 December 2011

Want List

As I mentioned early, hubby and I are doing a sort of variation on new year's resolutions. To better plan our year and know how to help the other get what they want this year, we're each making three lists: five things we want to do for/by ourselves, five things we want to do as a family, and five things we want to do around the house.

I've been kicking a few things around in my head, but I'm nervous to commit to just those five in any category, you know? What if I put down that I want to get more stuff for my camera, but then start a new hobby and need welding equipment?

I suppose I just need to jump in with both feet and make the lists already. Just sitting around fretting about it will result in nothing getting done!


siteseer said...

there's nothing saying that you can't change your mind or your list..