31 December 2011

The List (Just in Time!)

For/By Myself:
  1. Take a Zumba class - and continue with some sort of regular fitness schedule.
  2. Visit the Longaberger Homestead again.
  3. Eat at the Melting Pot.
  4. Earn my Punta Cana trip from Dove.
  5. Get my acrylic/gel nails back (in a few months, once the baby is a bit bigger...).
With my family:
  1. Go to Cedar Point.
  2. Go to the Renaissance Festival.
  3. Go camping (in the RV ;) ).
  4. Go for more walks.
  5. Eat at Rainforest Cafe.
Around the house:
  1. Do something to hang up all my jewelry/necklaces.
  2. Get a bench by the front door (to take off/put on shoes).
  3. Have hanging baskets of flowers on the front porch.
  4. Get the horse tire swing and a baby swing hung up from the play structure.
  5. Get window coverings on all the first floor windows.


Tammy said...

Is the Rainforest Cafe still in the mall by you? We went there right after it opened. Little kid's love it and kid's at heart.

siteseer said...

I'm with you on the more walks