06 December 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I don't remember this much snow this early in the season before. Ugh. I've already had to drive in the yuckiness! I hope it isn't just because we're living further north...and I'm stuck with it. :(

Guiltily, I was relieved when the hostess for my chocolate show scheduled tonight called to cancel. I'm certainly not happy that she's sick, but I'm thrilled that I've got a night to catch up on stuff, and she rescheduled for next week, so it's sort of a win-win in my book. ;)

Maggie finally said to me today that she's sort of sad because the grown-ups just play with her for a little while now, and then they play with Jack for a long time. It made me sad for her to say it, but I told her it's just because he's new. I also reminded her that she was the only baby around when she was little, so the grown-ups played with only her all the time for quite a while!

And our little princess will be very excited to go to pre-school for THREE days each week starting after the holidays. She has such a good time at school, and I wanted to increase the time a bit to help prepare her for her five-full-day kindergarten in the fall.

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