06 December 2011

Getting Better?

I was more than a little bit proud of myself last night. As I drove home in the snow with both kids in the car (one crying more often than not), I realized I sort of knew my way around!

My built-in GPS was trying to lead me through a nearby ghetto since I'd requested not to use the freeway. As I headed in that direction, I realized another road was closer, and still avoided the freeway, while giving me a straight shot toward home. And I was right! It even shaved time off her estimate, almost immediately after making the turn. Maybe she heard about the tom tom xl and decided to play nice for a while...

Honestly, I don't know how I'd be surviving in the new neighborhood without the nearly constant assistance with directions. It's a nice feeling to finally be recognizing a little more of my surroundings and learning my way around.

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