03 November 2011

My Life as a....

I was talking to a friend earlier today about applying for a holiday job. For her, not me. I did (of course) encourage her to sell chocolate, but she wants to save that for the big time, not just a few months and then quit. She also wants to work periodically to have experience on her resume. The last time she held a 'job' (besides doing everything for her family at all times) was 2004.

I realized that I'm coming up on that sort of situation really quick. While I consider my direct sales business invaluable as experience, it just doesn't look as impressive to some people. What else can I put as experience recently on my resume?

For the last month, I am a milk-cow on call. Yup. I feel like whole days go by when all I accomplish is nursing the baby, or holding him afterward. He likes to be held, and I just don't have a cold enough heart to argue with him. So when I'm not nursing, getting ready to nurse, or just finishing nursing, I have lots of spare time, right? Yeah. I use the time in between these tasks to schedule when I'll be able to pump a spare bottle to leave with hubby on the occasion that I may make it out of the house without the baby.

I actually have made it out without the baby a few times (okay, a lot more than I ever did with our first child). But inevitably, when I have a few minutes and almost forget about how much time I spend nursing, my milk will rush in again. If you haven't breastfed a baby, I have to let you know that the milk letdown reflex is not entirely pleasant. It sort of makes my eyes cross as I make a sudden gasp of breath. Ugh.

So how do I put that on my resume? Hahahaha....Just enjoy it and appreciate the fact that I can dedicate so much time to a happy, healthy family.


siteseer said...

your sales job is easy to put on a resume. I made X and promoted quickly through the ranks and advanced x # of people with me. the nursing thing.... in the whole scheme of things it's just a blip on the screen. ;) just enjoy.

Tammy said...

You are very funny :D. You are also a taxi, you take Maggie to school. I bet you are a accountant you pay bills. So you have lots to put on your resume.