13 October 2011

What's Important to YOU?

Sometimes Maggie totally melts my heart.

This morning I received an email that President Obama and the South Korean President Lee are touring the GM Orion Assembly plant that's near our house. Maggie's always been fascinated by the president, so I made sure to tell her how close he would be to her house. We drive by the GM Orion Assembly plant all the time, so she knows right where he'll be tomorrow.

What totally got me was Maggie's first gut response. As much as I know she likes the president, I thought she'd want to try to go see him (and I have no idea how I would try that!). Instead? My adorable girl said, "He hasn't met Jack yet!" I asked her if she thought he should stop by to meet him, and of course she was supportive of that idea ;) My daughter didn't want to meet the president, or even to have her little brother meet the president, but she definitely thought the president should make a point of meeting her very important little brother!

(And yes, that's the little brother, Jack, in the picture ;) )


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

What cuties! Both of them! :-)

siteseer said...

he is adorable!! what a hunk of burning love already lol