21 October 2011

Wa(i)sting Away...

My pregnancy weight is almost gone! It was less than a week after I gave birth to Jack when I got my wedding rings back on. Now I'm a measly nine pounds from my regular pre-pregnancy weight.

If only that meant I was back into my pre-pregnancy clothes! Not so much. ;) If I remember correctly, it was a few months with Maggie. The weight may go away, but my bones are still all relaxed and spread from all the room these big babies I have took up! I don't think it bothered me as much after having Maggie, since I wasn't working outside the home at all, and she was born in summer with a couple months of warm weather left.

Now I fit best in my maternity clothes, which include only three pairs of jeans and one pair of slacks...the rest of it are capris and shorts and it's already too cold for those! I'm starting to look forward to my six-week follow-up appointment and getting the okay to exercise.

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